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Muy buen juego de puzzles con una estética muy colorida y unas mecánicas muy originales.

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Got the game today.

What a great playing and great looking/sounding game.

Retrosouls never dissapoint!

Oh, thanks mate \o/

Dear RetroSouls,  may I please re-share also this game on my github project page?  More details about the project in my profile --> Thank you in advance! Retro Fan

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Really a good game. Nice game-concept, sweet graphics and chilling music. I played it the first time today and i am in level 11 now, i think. Then i saved it, cause i played it in an emulator. For some levels, i really needed some time to solve them. Reminds me a little bit on games like "Alter Ego" on the ZX-Spectrum, NES, C-64 or Amiga. I also like the fact, that you can talk with some of the other sprites in the game, this often brings fun into the whole concept. Can the game be saved or there are a password later in the higher levels, when it is played on a real Mega-Drive? Or must the player always start at the beginning, cause on the real console it is not possible to simply save the game with a snapshot, like the user can do it in an emulator? Until the level i was, i have not seen a password or a saving-point, will one come later in the game?

Thanks! Right now there is no any password system so it's one go game, but maybe i'll add one with a next version when i find some free time for it!

Hello. Thanks for answering and especially for creating this funny game. YES, it really would make sense to add one in future versions. Sadly it's often not possible i guess, from the time-management in daily-life of many people, to play a game continous for some hours. Then a password system, for example every 3 or 5 levels would really make sense.

Hope that you will go on making puzzle- or brain-games for the Mega-Drive, cause there are not soooo many on this system, when i compare it for example, to the SNES. The Super-NES had alot of good puzzlers which are similar to Dr. Mario, Puyo Puyo, Puzzle Bobble (Bust a Move). These genre of games, i sometimes miss a little bit on the Megadrive. There are a few i know, but much less than on the SNES.


Very original and fun to play. I dont know how many stages are, I just finished the where the things get "strange".

Hello there! What a nice retro game! I Really enjoyed playing it! Gave me such nice memories with that background music! nice work! 

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What a fun game. 
Works great on my MiSTer FPGA.

 Oh, great news!

Good to know!

Hey that's a lot of fun! I wish the enemies were a little less random in their behavior, but other than that... SUPER GAME!



This is cool, the colors make it look like a modern game. Nice work.

Ty \0/


This looks amazing! The gameplay looks pretty nice aswell. And does it works on real hardware?

Ty, yep it works on my genesis with everdrive :)