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Looks great. I need a Cave Story, c64!


Best game ever.We need more levels!

Wow. Great game

Another quality release. I appreciate that You make games for Genesis, but I'm waiting especially for games for 8-bit and 16-bit retro computers. You know how to push the hardware. The Tiny Dungeon for Speccy is the best example. Greetings from Poland. :)

el juego es muy divertido y la musica te lleva a seguir jugandolo... muy bueno ya lo compré. excelente!!!

Really fun game!

Great game, very funny but in my opinion very easy to complete. It needs more levels and a little harder puzzles. All in all a great game. Congrats!

Great! Would love a password/save/level jump feature :)

Awesomeness. The game was great. My only wish is this could last longer. Completed it two times and I can't get enough... Please make the sequel. Best regards 

I gave "Old Tower" a shot and I don't regret it. It ended up being reviewed in our new issue of the K&A Plus magazine.
It was a short but sweet experience and we're looking forward to see your next releases!

Only just discovered this, an excellent game - I'd have bought this on the Amiga not just the C64, had it existed for either back then! More things like this! :)

Well designed action puzzler. One of the best c64 games in recent memory. Gonna try the MegaDrive version sometime.

Relaxed and addictive gameplay, great music and brilliant graphics! What a smashing game!!!

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Really nice game, as others stated, very addictive! Liked also Alter Ego, some time ago...will contribute for sure


Great Game, highly addictive.

Any intention of adding more levels?

Tried this last night on my 82' breadbin with a SD2IEC worked beautifully! Great game! Addictive!

Love it so far, sent you some dollars :)

Thanky \0/

Addictive and very original. Some very nice sound tracks also.

Well done.

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Nice one! Hope there will be a sequel. I finished the game in a couple of hours.