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v1.2 - 18.03.2019

*Fixed cram dots during fades
*Fixed minor music bugs and added SN for easy Mister FPGA fix

v1.1 - 10.03.2019

*Fixes some random crashes, hopefully and a great perfomance boost!

OLD TOWERS is a brand new homebrew game for the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis. 

You play as a little explorers in a towers full of deadly traps and ugly skullz. Your only weapons to help you win: quick-thinking and skill.

OLD TOWERS  is programmed with C language powered by SGDK. It's FREE or pay what your want. 


OST:  https://n1k-o.bandcamp.com/album/old-towers-ost

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreAction, Puzzle
Tags16-bit, Arcade, Retro
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Old Towers SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive (ROM) 599 kB


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I have a Genesis copy from MegaCatStudios, it's great! One question, I don't see any password screen on my version, is there any ?


I bought this Jewel for Evercade. Love it. You should create a Amiga port, there's still tons of Amiga enthusiasts out there.

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I really enjoy this. Puzzle and action with nice graphics

(video review in spanish)


This looks incredibly modern and fresh. Even on the mega drive!

Your games are among my favorite games overall. Thank you for making them available for everyone.

PS: Don't forget to add a link to the web version: https://poki.com/en/g/old-towers

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I found the ROM online somewhere and fell in love - the soundtrack is as good as anything else on the system, and it's just a perfect little game. Happy to find it on itch to send some money.

One little thing for anyone who is having controller issues on real hardware, it probably isn't the game's fault - I'm using a Retrobit 6-button wireless pad, and I also had issues during the password screen on Red Zone. The Retrobit MD receiver needs flashing with the latest firmware, this fixed both problems.

Thanky \o/ Have a nice play!

This is a fun little game :)

Is there a way to level select or on reboot, do you just have to start from level 1 each time?

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This game is pretty neat, has a clever desing and a bunch of logical puzzles that enhaces gameplay. I love the art too.

My full review in spanish: https://retroorama.blogspot.com/2020/12/indie-review-old-towers.html


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highly addictive, great tune and cute graphics, I  bought the cart version.


Hey I just got this weird .Bin file and when I open it all I get is a .cpgz file and then if I open that the BIN FILE AGAIN! Please help

Oh, mate. You need a Sega Genesis emulator to open that file, cheers!


none of the one's I'm using are working. What am I to do?


hold up let me try something


all i see is a black screen.


ran it through retroarch on psp, but the sound sucks

Love the game so far thanks for making it and updating it so I can play on Mister!   I made it to level 24, how many levels are there?

There aren't any more levels, 24 is the last one, it's unbeatable, don't know if by intention or bug.

I've completed it, it's definitely not unbeatable ;)

Any hints? I can't see how to complete it, either.

Here is a quick walkthrough:

Is this a pal game?  I'm using any fpga genesis and graphics start to mess up after I die a few times when its set to JAP or US but works fine in EU region. https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/Main_MiSTer/wiki

Nope, any region, according to some reports i have it works well on ntsc genesis and megadrives. And on my nstsc grnesis 1 too. Looks like a fpga emulation problem.

They found the issue.  I guess the game needs a unique serial number instead of all 0's.  It identifies the game by the serial number.

Why not identify a game by "Domestic or International name" from ROM header? Looks more logical and easy. Not sure how i can generate an serial number and not hit another game SN.

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Thanks for the serial.  They added an exception for your game to use name after your suggestion.

One of the MiSTer FPGA devs found a work-around and asked if you could give the game a unique serial number. 

I'm passing along the Dev's comments:
The bus arbitration in our core is not ideal most games don't care, but some do, so this one needs a FIFO tweak to make it behave correctly but to do that, I have to be able to uniquely identify the game, which means the serial has to be meaningful, not all 0's


I discovered this game because of a recently posted MiSTer video on youtube, and play it on MiSTer myself. Glad to contribute a little for projects like this, great game!

Just upload a new v1.2 with a random SN :)

Thank you!!

Are you planning to release this on cartridge?

Yep, it'll be released by MegaCatStudios, one day :)

Ah great news. Already ordered at their shop in the past. Good choice :)

Hi RetroSouls! Greetings from Finland! 

Just completed the game and can report that it worked perfectly from start to finish with Mega Everdrive X5 played on oldest version of Sega Genesis console (FCC ID: FJ846EUSASEGA). Good game, just made a donation for it! :-)

Thanks, Mate \o/ grtz from siberia! Thanks for report!

I'm so excited to play this! I loved Tomb of the Mask but was annoyed by all the Free to Play BS in it. Going to install this on my Everdrive tomorrow.

RetroSouls Team, thanks for keeping the 16-bit Sega era alive!  Much love & respect from the FreshGaming discord community :)

Also just found out that SGDK exists on Github.  So excited!  ^_^


Thanks mates. Yep, SGDK is amazing!

Dear RetroSouls Team,  may I please re-share your game on my github project page?  What license may I use, please? More details about the project in my profile --> https://retrobrews.itch.io/ Thank you in advance! Retro Fan

Hi there! License file goes with game, but basicly it's a https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/

NIce project, btw. Keep a good work. Cheers!

Hi RetroSouls, Many thanks for your approval!

The game is great, the visuals are fabulous, and the music is awesome! I love the cover of Popcorn by Gershon Kingsley as the level music! I'd love to buy this on cartridge if and when it ever comes out.

Played the first 10 levels on my MD so far and im really impressed! Great game in terms of creativity in gameplay, sound and visuals. Great job! Will surely buy a physical copy when available :-)


\o/ thanks! It's our first game for 16bit and we love MD so far! A physical copy will be release ASAP by MegaCatStudios stay tuned! 

I started playing it tonight on my Mega Everdrive and after a few levels the screen goes black.  It happened around level 5 the first time and then played fine when I reset it.  It then did it again around level 10.

Awesome game from what I have been able to play though!

Thanks for report, yep it crash rarely with everdrive. Just ordered one to test. Will fix asap :)