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#UPD: 14 Feb 2022 - source code uploaded

#UPD 09 Feb 2022 - fix 128 +2 issue

An evil Necromancer holds the land of Twilight in fear. Three brave heroes set out into the ancient dungeons to put an end to his evil deeds...

Tiny Dungeons it's a small roguelite game for ZX Spectrum 128


Sinclair 1/2, Kempston or OPQAM|SPACE 

FIRE - to Enter Magic Mode

Z,X,C to Switch Heroes

Game by Denis Grachev

Music by Oleg Nikitin, Inspired by Derek and Brandon Fiechter

Use Diamond font by DamienG

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Tags8-Bit, Pixel Art, Retro, Roguelite, ZX Spectrum


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Most excellent!

Amazing ! I love this game ! 👍

Just tried this via a DS running ZXDS and it works amazingly and looks awesome. Specially if you set up the controls for Y,X,A to be Z,X,C and B to Fire.

Fantastic game.

Outstanding game. We have enough of simplistic platformers on 8-bit machines. This is something that we were waiting for. Great graphics and well used Speccy color palette. Clean, crisp and just beautiful. RetroSouls are the future of indie gaming on retro computers.


Nice Game, congrats
I just want to share you my homework cover for the game


Love everything about this! What an exceptional specy game. It's going in my latest youtube vid!! Love it

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Works pretty well with JSSpeccy. Itch.io please make ZX Spectrum games playable in browser like PICO-8.

The Pico-8 can export games straight to HTML

Why do you want to play it in the browser? I recommend FBZX emulator. It's simple to use and works like a charm.


This is a great little game. More please!


Absolutely love the visuals in this, I really hope you make more games with the same engine and general "feel"

Greta work ! Congrats !


This game is superb! Well done :) Makes me ponder on whether or not this game would get a 'Crash Smash!' back in the day.

Crash has been resurrected, so it may still be a Crash Smash!  :)


I was trying to be silly :) it should very much be a CRASH smash! HIGHLY recommended!


I loved the game! Very nice, very fun playable mechanics and increasing difficulty.

I only find one problem, it was too short for me!

We want more levels!

Thanks for this fantastic work! :D

Hi, the game is great! Is the F key some cheat to go to the next level?

Game looks great as always. I haven't been able to play it yet because it doesn't work in the FUSE emulator on retroarch. Anyone having any luck?


Ok, changing model to "+3" got it working for me.

Love the look of this game! Will add it to my playlist :)

Any chance of a credit on the page for my Diamond font used in the dialog? (It's not required but is always appreciated)


Oh, how i miss it, will add, sorry!

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Thank you so much :) I'll also add Tiny Dungeons to my Diamond font as well.

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Just upload a fixed tap that works well on +2a, it was a sjasmplus savetap issue!

Thanks for support!


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With the info from sergiothepope, I tried running this before loading the game on a +2A:
CLEAR 25000: POKE 23388,17: OUT 32765,17: POKE 49154,0: POKE 23388,16: OUT 32765,16: LOAD ""

It seems enough to make it work.

Seems to not work on a +2A guys, real hardware or emulator. Hope this can be fixed, would love to stream it on my +2!

very good


does not support zx48?

I love this game, I have paid for it. I have found a problem, it does not load well in the +2A (In my emulator Retro Virtual Machine, and neither in fuse) but nevertheless it does work well in the +3 ¿¿??

This as an emulator author is very funny, as both machines are supposed to be almost the same except for the disk interface. It would be nice if someone could test it on a real machine to see if we discover something new and the fault is ours.

Then if I have some time I will investigate what is happening and what is causing it to hang at the end of loading.

Anyway in the rest of the machines it goes perfect and the game is great fun as always.


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Weirdly it works in +2 mode, just not +2A which is a bit of an odd one to say the least. Love your emulator by the way, looking forward to the next release  :D

Can confirm this does not work on a real hardware +2A or Spectaculator


The problem comes with some $e5 at $c002 in page 1. In +3 the page 1 is initialized with zeroes, from $c000 and so on. But in +2a mode, the page 1 is full of $e5. There is routine in $c0b1 in page 1 that initializes some adress in some call opcodes, but if byte at $c002 is not 0 then doesn't set this adresses, because uses this byte as a "already init" mark.

It is not an emulation issue, because this bytes are zeroed in the init of the computer (rom 0), and later it is inited with $e5 from rom 2 (+3dos ), by a ldir at $1a87.

Awesome game!

que maravilla de juego,gracias

great job :D

awww yeh!